After Surgery

After your operation you will be transferred from the theatre to the recovery unit on a trolley. The nurse will assist you from the trolley into a comfortable chair and you will be given refreshments. This will depend on the type of anaesthetic you have had.

The nurse in charge of recovery unit will assess you when you are ready for discharge. You will then change back into your comfortable clothes and footwear and your post-operative care will be discussed with you and the person taking you home.

You will be discharged into the care of a responsible adult and will be given written-post-operative instruction to take home

This will include:

  • Medications and Instructions for any new medication
  • Pain relief after your operation
  • Follow-up appointment details with your surgeon
  • Emergency contact numbers

Following your procedure and administration of anaesthetic you may have impairment to your coordination and judgement for 24 hours. Therefore, do not drive a car, make decisions requiring your full mental awareness, operate machinery, drink alcohol or smoke.