Patients Rights & Responsibilities

We at Toowoomba Eye Clinic believe in the importance of respecting each patient’s personal dignity and care focused upon the individual.

You have the right to safe, quality care delivered by professional staff.
You have the right to be treated at all times with respect and consideration.
You have the right to share your concerns and observations.
You have the right to ask for, and receive, information on your health needs in terms you understand.
You have the right to be consulted about your discharge arrangements.
You have the right to get enough information about any proposed treatment or procedure to make an ‘informed consent’ – that is, you should know enough about the benefits, possible hazards, and time needed for recovery to decide if you want that treatment or procedure.
You have the right to be informed about hospital, surgeon, anaesthetist, implants and other charges likely to be incurred if you proceed with treatment.
You have the right to expect that all communications and records concerning your care should be treated as confidential.

You are responsible for treating all staff and other patients with respect and consideration whilst using the Toowoomba Eye Clinic services.
You are responsible for giving our caregivers accurate information about your health.
You are responsible for asking questions about what you do not understand.
You are responsible for maintaining your treatment and notifying your doctor of any changes in your health after leaving hospital.
You are responsible for keeping or cancelling appointments.
You are responsible for advising your doctor if you are unable to afford these charges.
You are responsible for respecting the privacy of other patients.